The company has been established in 2002 by a group of experienced experts of construction and civil engineers believing in principles of stable development, knowledge management and professional participation in constructional and industrial activities. Creating scientific groups, attracting committed elites, developing technical potential of the company, enjoyment of modern knowledge management, establishment supreme system in the organization to create optimum conditions to present technical and engineering services are goals of the company.
SabzAb Arvand Consulting Engineering Co in performing its duties and obligations tries to introduce and maintain its professional character according to trusteeship, honesty, quality and continuous improvement. Relying on the specifications, we can present optimum services in various grounds.
Some of executed or in process of execution projects of Sabzab Arvand Consulting Co :
Row Description Number
1 Study and supervising on water resources, irrigation and drainage plans 75
2 Study and supervising on water supplying and sewage system plans 47
3 Study and supervising of rivers engineering and flood management plans 34
4 Study and supervising on crisis management and passive defense 12
5 Surveying and the other engineering services 39
Total 207