River and Watershed Treatment
Management and Engineering
rivers training
floods Zoning
Continuous flood management
soil conservation and stabilization of drainage area
sediment management and rivers' material utilization
flood warning system
water transportation and tourism industry
Management of water and soil resources' drainage area
Some projects
Development of flood warning system of Gorganrood
Employer: Water Researches Organization
Area: Golestan, Northern Khorasan and Semnan Provinces- Gorganrood drainage area with 13000 square meter area
Goal: Preparing software; Designing and installation flood warning and prediction system
Borazjan City Flood Management
Employer: Boshehr Water Organization
Area: Boshehr Province- Borazjan City
Goal: Reducing the city vulnerability to flood
Emergency plan for river improvement- Aala river of Meydavoud region
Employer: Khuzestan water and power organization
Area: Khuzestan Province- Baghmalek City
Goal: Erosion control in riverside and bedside against flood risks
Designing and Supervising on Construction of RCC dam in drainage Area of Karkheh Dam
Employer: Natural Resources and watershed treatment of Khuzestan General Organization
Area: Khuzestan Province- Andimeshk City
River training and landscaping of Saland Area
Employer: Saland Municipality
Area: Khuzestan Province- Dezfoul City