Water and Sewage Systems
Designing and Supervising on Projects of Supplying, treatment and distribution of Drinking and Industrial Water
Improvement water quality
Designing and Supervising on Surface water and wastewater collection and treatment facilities
Preventing of contamination of groundwater
Some projects
Finding potential groundwater and supplying the required water 10000square meter desalination systems of Kangan
Employer: Sepanir Company-22-24phases of Southern Pars
Sewage Treatment Plant of Ahvaz Industrial Park No: 2 Employer: Khuzestan Industrial park Co
Employer: Khuzestan Industrial park Co
Research on Collection and Disposal of surface water of Site5 Petro chemistry Special Economic zone
Employer: Petro chemistry Special Economic Zone
Supervising on Implementation of Water transmission lines
Employer: Bushehr Regional Water Co
Designing of Water supplying and water distribution Network of Qale Khaje City
Employer: Khuzestan water and Sewage Company